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Mapex (modified Slurry Seal) is one of the most advanced surface treatment applications available for asphalt pavement preservation.  It’s comprised of a special dense graded high quality aggregate, advanced polymer-modified emulsion and other modern additives.  Mapex is formulated with selected materials, scientific mix designs, advanced technical specifications, computerized equipment and placed by experienced crews. It’s designed to be a cost-effective way to protect your paving investment.

ConstructionBenefits of Mapex:

  • Extends the useful life of asphalt by keeping air/water out and stopping oxidation
  • A thin restorative surface treatment that does not require milling or resetting of utilities
  • Improves safety by providing a high skid resistance surface
  • Uniform black color that provides aesthetic value creating customer acceptance
  • Cost effective treatment that will stretch your maintenance dollars
  • NEW! Our new Minimac machine is designed for slurry applications in confined locations - e.g., smaller parking lots, golf paths, driveways or bicycle trails!


Best Suited for: Residential Streets, Collector Streets, Large & Small Parking Lots and Industrial/Commercial Streets, Golf Paths and Bicycle Trails!


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