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Seal Coat

Seal coating protects asphalt from ultraviolet rays and water, which helps to slow the process of oxidation and raveling. The goal of seal coat is to create a waterproof, protective coating that can increase the life of your pavement and improve appearance. Once the seal coat process is completed, striping is done to give the pavement a clean and enhanced appearance.

ConstructionBenefits of Seal Coat:

  • Deep black finish with uniform texture that is easy to clean and maintain year round
  • Resists gas and oil drippings, salt and harmful effects of chemicals which can soften and breakdown the surface area
  • A cost effective way to give your investment a cosmetic update
  • Shields against sun and weather damage helping build a positive company image


Best Suited for: Residential Streets, Bike Paths and Large and Small Parking Lots.


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